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Matlab 2014a won't open in Yosemite

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Mac on 22 Oct 2014
Answered: Praful Agrawal on 17 Apr 2015
Whenever I try to open Matlab, I get this message. Any solutions? (Also, it worked perfectly well when I was on mavericks)

Accepted Answer

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 22 Oct 2014
Edited: Randy Souza on 22 Oct 2014
This should be addressed by applying the steps of the second bug report you find here.
Josh on 28 Oct 2014
Thank you so much! That sorted it all out really easily :)

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Praful Agrawal
Praful Agrawal on 17 Apr 2015
I used this solution and it worked for my laptop but it does not work for my desktop. On running the patch dmg the matlab 2014a folder selected from Applications says "Folder does not contain valid Matlab installation". Any suggestions?


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