Number of line for fcontour

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If somebody can tell me how to increase number of lines for fcontour plot I would be much grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 27 Nov 2021
A somewhat different approach —
syms x y
z(x,y) = exp(-(x-5)^2) + cos(y)
z(x, y) = 
hfc = fcontour(z, [0 10 -2*pi 2*pi]);
title('Default Levels')
hfc = fcontour(z, [0 10 -2*pi 2*pi]);
Lvls = hfc.LevelList;
hfc.LevelList = linspace(min(Lvls), max(Lvls), 5*numel(Lvls));
title('Increased Countours, Same Range')

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Nov 2021
Look at the max and min of your surface, then compute the 'LevelStep' using the number of contours you want. Something like (untested)
numContours = 10;
levelStep = (max(z(:)) - min(z(:))) / numContours;
fcontour(z, 'LevelStep', levelStep);
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David Togonidze
David Togonidze on 26 Nov 2021
It gives me the error about levelStep not being a double which is logical since I have symbolic expressions in "Z". Shoud have mentioned that in the original question.

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