Formatting axis label latex interpreter to look like regular text

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Milos Krsmanovic
Milos Krsmanovic on 30 Nov 2021
Edited: dpb on 1 Dec 2021
I need to type "D bar" letter on one of my plot axes. Unicode doesn't have this letter defined, nor does it appear in the MATLAB special characters, so I tried using the latex interpreter. I get the result I want, however the formatting of this text is different than what is on all my other charts. Which is expected, but still I'd like to make them all appear the same.
To demonstrate what I mean, plotting:
xlabel({' ';'\rm L_S / D [-]'});
gives me:
and trying:
xlabel({' ';'$\rm L_S / \bar{D}~[-]$'},'Interpreter','latex');
gives me:
As you can see, the typeface, kerning, leading, etc. are all different between the two. I am able to plot "D bar" letter on the chart this way, however, the typography of this single chart/axis is different from all other charts I have. Is there a way to type this letter while retaining the standard, default typography?
Milos Krsmanovic
Milos Krsmanovic on 1 Dec 2021
Thank you for linking that thread.
I understand how messy the software development and resourcing can be so I'm still on the edge about how important this is to me. I at least have the option of using LaTeX interpreter and can update all other labels to match. They are more ugly that way but hey, it does the job. It would definitely be nice to make this more versatile, looking at the special characters table I linked above it seems they provided quite a few shortcuts for special characters but then given up halfway. Perhaps they saw diminishing returns.
I'll survive, although bruised. Thanks again from chiming in and clarifying this.

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