How to convert 2D plot to 3D.

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I have a plot that gives me the following plot.
plot(field0(:,1), field0(:,2))
xlim([-0.1 0.02])
Is it possible to convert this to 3D plot that will look something like this?
Vahram Voskerchyan
Vahram Voskerchyan on 8 Dec 2021
I want to rotate it clockwaise with the shape it has.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 8 Dec 2021
Edited: Matt J on 8 Dec 2021
You must select one of the infinite possible 3D extensions that you want and tell us what it is.
One possibility:
load field0
surf(x,y,z*z.','MeshStyle','row'); view(10,60)
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Vahram Voskerchyan
Vahram Voskerchyan on 9 Dec 2021
thanks a lot for your answer! didn't know about the deal command.

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