Support for TI C2000 Packages installation in Embedded Coder Matlab 2014b with CCSv6.0.1 and issues faced

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I am trying to install the support packages for the TI C2000 processors. I have Matlab 2014b with Embedded Coder and Code Composer Studio(CCS) V6.0.1 . I am getting the following messages when I try to install the support packages using the corresponding links as support.
Please let me know what the issue is. I have re installed the whole CCS package all over again just to ensure that all the necessary packages are installed. But even then I am facing the same issue as described above. Also, does Matlab 2014b support CCSv6. Kindly let me know if I need to install my Embedded Coder on a different version of matlab or I should be using a different version of CCS. Also, it would be great if I can get which versions of Matlab are compatible with the corresponding versions of CCS. That would be great.
Thank you very much in advance! Puneeth
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Fadoul Souleyman
Fadoul Souleyman on 18 Jul 2017
Hi, I had the same probleme and I solved it by the following details:
Command to install C2000 package Embedded Library in Matlab Tape the command « supportPackageInstaller » in the matlab windoe and then follow the steps: More details in this link:

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Puneeth Kumar Srikanta Murthy
Hello All,
The main reason why I was getting this error was because I was connecting to the internet over wifi which used a different ip. The ip which the computer will use over the cable was to which the license was taken. Hence, I was getting this error.

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Tuyen on 5 Nov 2014
I have the same problem!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Mar 2016
You are failing to connect. The key line there is
"SEVERE: C28xx: Error connecting to the target: (Error -151 @ 0x0) One of the FTDI driver functions used during the connect returned bad status or an error. The cause may one or more of: invalid emulator serial number, blank emulator EEPROM, missing FTDI drivers, faulty USB cable. Use the xds100serial command-line utility in the 'common/uscif' folder to verify the emulator can be located. (Emulation package "

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Zhirong Liang
Zhirong Liang on 24 Nov 2014
Could you tell me, how did you interact with TI C2000 F2835 with Matlab 2014b?
I'm using Matlab 2014b and TI C6000(actually C6748/OMAP-L138). I have also tried xmakefilesetup like you. But it didn't work any more with 2014b.
Maybe you could explain me, how to find any useful help.
Thank you very much!

Puneeth Kumar Srikanta Murthy
Hello Zhirong,
Even for me xmakefilesetup did not work with Matlab2014.
But with Matlab 2014, you can select which CCS version to be used in Code Generation under Simulation->Model Configurations parameters. Currently, there is CCSv3, CCSv4 and CCSv5 as the options.Rest of the configuration will be assigned automatically I assumed(that is whatever we do under xmakefilesetup).
I used CCSv5, under system target file I selected ert.tlc(I read to begin with this configuration, Embedded Coder Documentation). You select your target hardware as well. Once this is done, you will have a number of options under Coder Generation, for just blinking an led, you do not have to do much changes. You can either build just a .out file which you can use on the chip via CCS or you can select Build, load and run for Matlab to directly build the program on your chip instead of opening CCS.
I hope this helps.
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Zhirong Liang
Zhirong Liang on 13 Feb 2015
Hello, Puneeth! Thanks for your useful help!
The problem for the xmakefilesetup is solved. But another one comes.
At first I tip checkEnvSetup at Matlab command window and it shows:
>> checkEnvSetup('ccsv5', 'omapl138evm')
1. Checking CCSv5 (Code Composer Studio) version
Required version: 5.0 or later
Required for : Code Generation
Your Version : 5.5.0
### Setting environment variable "TI_DIR" to "C:\ti\ccsv5"
2. Checking C6000 CSL (TMS320C6000 Chip Support Library) version
Required version: or later
Required for : Code generation
Your Version :
### Setting environment variable "CSL_C6000_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\C6xCSL"
### Setting environment variable "CSL_C6000_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\C6xCSL"
3. Checking XDC Tools (eXpress DSP Components) version
Required version: or later
Required for : Code generation
Your Version :
4. Checking CGT (Code Generation Tools) version
Required version: 6.1.18 to 7.3.1
Required for : Code generation
Your Version : 6.1.23
### Setting environment variable "C6000_CGT_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\CGT_6_1_23"
### Setting environment variable "C6000_CGT_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\CGT_6_1_23"
5. Checking DSP/BIOS (Real Time Operating System) version
Required version: 5.33.05 to
Required for : Code generation
Your Version :
### Setting environment variable "CCSV5_DSPBIOS_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\bios_5_42_01_09"
### Setting environment variable "CCSV5_DSPBIOS_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\bios_5_42_01_09"
The version found for "DSP/BIOS" differs from the one used for our software validation. Use it at your own risk.
6. Checking Texas Instruments IMGLIB (C64x+ Image Library) version
Required version: 2.0.1 or later
Required for : CRL block replacement
Your Version :
### Setting environment variable "C64XP_IMGLIB_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\c64plus-imglib_2_02_00_00"
7. Checking NDK (NDK 2.00) version
Required version: 2.00.00 or later
Required for : External mode and Ethernet blocks
Your Version : NOT FOUND
The required version of NDK is not found in C:\ti\ndk_2_20_00_19
Following environment variable(s) required for code generation could not be set:
8. Checking C674x DSP/BIOS PSP Drivers (BIOS PSP Release version version
Required version:
Required for : Code generation / device drivers
Your Version : 1.30.01
### Setting environment variable "PSP_EVMC6748_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\pspdrivers_01_30_01"
The version found for "C674x DSP/BIOS PSP Drivers" differs from the one used for our software validation. Use it at your own risk.
9. Checking EDMA3 Low Level Driver (EDMA3 LLD 01.10) version
Required version: 1.10.00 or later
Required for : Device drivers
Your Version : 01.11.03
### Setting environment variable "EDMA3LLD_BIOS5_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\edma3_lld_01_11_03_01"
10. Checking OMAP-L138/C6747EVM BSL (OMAP-L138 / TMS320C6748 / AM1808 SOM-M1 Gel, CCS Setup, & BSL Files (CCS v4.2.4)) version
Required version: 2.0.0 or later
Required for : Device drivers
Your Version : 2.3.2
### Setting environment variable "BSL_EVMC6748_INSTALLDIR" to "C:\ti\CCSv4-2-4_with_SOM-M1_BSL_WS"
And then I do the XMakefile User Configuration at Matlab Command Window again just like a video names Simulink code generation from MATLAB for TI C2000 processors- Hello World using CCS v4/v5 on youtube :
Template: gmake
Configuration: ticcs_c6000_ccsv5_clone
User Templates: C:\Users\bisp\Documents\MATLAB\CodeGeneration02\
User Configurations: C:\Users\bisp\Documents\MATLAB\CodeGeneration02\
Under Make Utility:
Make utility: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\bin\win64\gmake
Under Compiler:
Compiler: C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/bin/cl6x
Arguments: -I"C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/include" -I"C:/ti/OMAPL138_CSL/include" -fr"[|||MW_XMK_DERIVED_PATH_REF|||]"
Under Linker:
Linker: C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/bin/cl6x
Arguments:-o [|||MW_XMK_GENERATED_TARGET_REF|||] -I"C:/ti/bios_5_42_01_09/packages/ti/pmi/lib/pmi.a674" -I"C:/ti/bios_5_42_01_09/packages/ti/pmi/lib/pmi_ctl_null.a674" -I"C:/ti/bios_5_42_01_09/packages/ti/bios/lib/pwrm.a674" -I"C:/ti/bios_5_42_01_09/packages/ti/pscl/lib/pscl.a674" -I"C:/ti/bios_5_42_01_09/packages/ti/pscl/lib/pscl_cfg_null.a674"
Under Archiver:
Archiver: C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/bin/ar6x
Arguments: -r [|||MW_XMK_GENERATED_TARGET_REF|||]
After that it's the turn for the options of Model Configeration Parameters:
Target selection
System target file: idelink_ert.tlc,
Language: C.
;---------I can only select idelink_ert.tlc here, otherwise the Coder Target wouldn't be shown for choosing the suitable board. For example: when I select ert.tlc, the Coder Target is not to see. But at the Target hardware man can choose either NONE or GET MORE.... For Get More there will be only a few support package for update to install. It makes non sense for the final mission.
When I use the idelink_ert.tlc as System target file, the Coder Target is there on the left side under Code Generation. For Tool Chain Automation and Target Hardware Resources I have done these options:
Coder Target
Tool Chain Automation
Bild format: Makefile,
Bild action: Bild_and_execute,
Overrun notification: None.
Target Hardware Resources
IDE/Tool Chain: Texas Instruments CCS v5(makefile generation only),
Board: OMAP-L138/C6748 EVM,
Processor: OMAP-L138,
CPU Clock: 300 MHz.
At the end I build a simple Model (just with Audio of Multimedia File, C6748EVM DAC, C6748EVM ADC, Audio Device and C6000 Reset Block ), I get the following error:
### Creating makefile: C:\Users\bisp\Documents\MATLAB\c6748evmwithreset_ticcs\ ### Makefile creation done. ### Building makefile...
The call to idelink_ert_make_rtw_hook, during the exit hook generated the following error: Error while building the project.
The build process will terminate as a result.
Error while building the project.
The build failed with the following message: "C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/bin/cl6x" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/idelink/extensions/ticcs/inc" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/shared/dspblks/extern/include" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/extern/include/multimedia" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/shared/dsp/vision/matlab/include" -I"C:/Users/bisp/Documents/MATLAB/c6748evmwithreset_ticcs" -I"C:/Users/bisp/Documents/MATLAB" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/extern/include" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/simulink/include" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/rtw/c/src" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/rtw/c/src/ext_mode/common" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/rtw/c/ert" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/dsp/include" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/dsp/extern/src/export/include/src" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/dsp/extern/src/export/include" -I"C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/target/extensions/processor/tic6000/blks/lct/include" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/cslr" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/platforms/evm6748" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/platforms/evm6748/audio" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/mcasp" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/i2c" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/platforms/codec" -I"C:/ti/pspdrivers_01_30_01/packages/ti/pspiom/psc" -I"C:/ti/edma3_lld_01_11_03_01/packages" -I"C:/ti/edma3_lld_01_11_03_01/packages/ti/sdo/edma3/drv" -D"CHIP_OMAPL138" -D"__TICCSC__" -D"RT" -D"USE_RTMODEL" -mv6400+ -D"MODEL=c6748evmwithreset" -D"NUMST=3" -D"NCSTATES=0" -D"HAVESTDIO=" -D"ONESTEPFCN=1" -D"TERMFCN=1" -D"MAT_FILE=0" -D"MULTI_INSTANCE_CODE=0" -D"INTEGER_CODE=0" -D"MT=1" -D"CLASSIC_INTERFACE=0" -D"ALLOCATIONFCN=0" -D"TID01EQ=0" -I"C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.8/include" -I"C:/ti/OMAPL138_CSL/include" -fr"./derived/" ./HostLib_Audio.c ./HostLib_MMFile.c ./HostLib_Multimedia.c ./HostLib_rtw.c ./c6748evm_aic31.c ./c6748evm_i2c.c ./MW_c6xxx_csl.c ./c6748evmwithreset.c ./c6748evmwithreset_data.c ./c6748evmwithreset_main.c [HostLib_Audio.c] "C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/toolbox/shared/dspblks/extern/include/HostLib_rtw.h", line 15: fatal error: could not open source file "dlfcn.h" 1 fatal error detected in the compilation of "./HostLib_Audio.c". Compilation terminated. >> Compilation failure gmake: *** [derived/HostLib_Audio.obj] Error 1
Component: Simulink | Category: Block error
As you see, there is no .out file finished at all because of the error. But a number of c- and header files are produced automatically. Can you help me a bit more or give me any useful tipps?
Thank you very much!

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Alfredo GD
Alfredo GD on 1 Sep 2015
hi, did you use the embedded coder library on simulink???? or do i2c communication? i need help, please write to me

Sai Surya Kumar Dontabhaktuni
Edited: Sai Surya Kumar Dontabhaktuni on 2 Aug 2017
I am getting these error. Is there any solutions

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