Sum 2 Matrices and take the average value of their summation and store them in another Matrix with the same dimension.

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Matthew Worker
Matthew Worker on 14 Dec 2021
Commented: Rena Berman on 16 Dec 2021
% in this code, I import 2 text files, C_Total_1 and C_Total_2. I want to take the average of the sum of these two variables, then store the new value in C_Total_up. What I should change in this code.
N = (6:10).^2; %Number of Elements IRS
K = 6:10; %Number of Single Antennas UE
C_Total_1 = importdata('C_Total_1.txt') ; % Total Capacity
C_Total_2 = importdata('C_Total_2.txt') ; % Total Capacity
P = 'C:\Users\tripo\Documents\Total_Active_up_Capacity\ART';
Total_File = [1,2];
Total_Capacity_File = numel(Total_File);
C_Total = cell(1,Total_Capacity_File);
for i = 1:Total_Capacity_File
F_Total = sprintf('C_Total_%d.txt',Total_File(i));
C_Total{i} = importdata(fullfile(P,F_Total));
C_Total_up = vertcat(C_Total{:});

Accepted Answer

Jon on 14 Dec 2021
C_T = (C_T1 + C_T2)/2

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