How to change the default origin of the axis of rotation in 3d plot matlab

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KRUNAL on 3 Nov 2014
Commented: Robel Fekadu on 17 Feb 2020
I have a data that plots a 3D figure. Now I am trying to rotate it from an point(origin) using
I read the defination on the mathworks and it said that the default origin point is the center of the plot box.However in my case, it is not a center point of the plot box. So how can I modify the origin to make sure I am able to rotate it around my desired point of origin?

Accepted Answer

Britt Aguda
Britt Aguda on 30 Dec 2016
You need to make a new 3d vector to define the origin and then add it as the fourth input parameter.
hSurface = surf(peaks(20));
direction = [1 0 0];
origin = [0 0 0]; %set origin of axis of rotation to plot origin instead of the center of object
rotate(hSurface,direction,25,origin); %add the vector to the parameters

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