Writing an array of numbers to serial port

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Hussnain on 7 Nov 2014
I have a device connected with the serial port. I intend to transfer an array of decimal numbers but am having some problems. I am able to transfer data successfully only if I use fwrite in a loop (i.e. one by one for each number). Is there a possibility to issue a single fwrite command for the whole array? P.S. I have tried several combinations of codes, but nothing seems to work :(
Following is the code which works:
data_hex = {'08', '0c', '05', '00', '04', '0a', '33', '33', '33', '33', '33', '33', '33', '33', '33', '00'}; % data in hexadecimal format
data_dec = hex2dec(data_hex);
s = serial('COM9');
set(s,'BaudRate',5000000, 'Parity', 'none', 'DataBits', 8, 'StopBits', 1);
for i=1:16
fclose(s); delete(s); clear
Ideally, I would like to have something like this:
fwrite(s, data_dec(1:end));
but this does not work. I get an acknowledgement on the serial device once the above 16 bytes are received. Thanks for the help!!!

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