how to run The Seven Invariant Moments code

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sujit on 8 Nov 2014
Answered: Image Analyst on 8 Nov 2014
i am unable to run the seven invarient moment code , please explain me in details

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Nov 2014
Do you mean Hu's image moments, like described here:
I can see you're a man of very few words, but we're going to need some more information if we're going to be able to help you, like how did you try to run it: from a script, from another function, by clicking the green "Run" triangle, by double-clicking in the Current Folder panel, by typing F5? How????? Did it require any input arguments? And if so, did you supply those input arguments? If someone asked you the same question, would you be able to answer? Look at it from our point of view. Please read

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