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addpath(cd) returns name is nonexistent or not a directory

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OS: mac OS "Big Sur" v. 11.6
MATLAB: ' (R2021a) Update 5'
If I CD to a directory in my Box folder and type addpath(cd), I get name is non existent or not a directory. How is that possible? I don't have this problem on my other computer running Mojave and Matlab 2020b (I think).
Maybe relevant: I'm running matlab by opening a terminal and executing this:
sudo /applications/
If I just launch matlab by double-clicking the app icon anything relying on Java runs painfully slow... I found somewhere on the help community that running from a terminal instance works around that, which seems to be true.
Adam Snyder
Adam Snyder on 29 Dec 2021
to be clear, cd('~/Box/myfolder') works, but then addpath(cd) throws an error
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 30 Dec 2021
Does the same behavior occur when you CD to a local folder? I'm not a mac user so I cannot test it. There are known problems associated with CD'ing to remote or cloud folders.

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Accepted Answer

Adam Snyder
Adam Snyder on 30 Dec 2021
Ok, this isn't exactly a solution/explanation, but a workaround. I discovered that if I launch MATLAB at the Terminal without sudo, i.e.:
.... rather than...
sudo /applications/
...then everything works as expected. It's still puzzling because usually a superuser would have more directory access than a regular user, not less. Also, I'm sure I had been using sudo to solve some other problem that I forgot about and will rediscover in time, but it seems to fix this issue for now anyways. Hopefully MathWorks will patch up whatever issue makes java painfully slow on Big Sur / Catalina soon and I can go back to launching MATLAB like a regular program...

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Rik on 30 Dec 2021
What do you expect to happen when you call cd without any input?
It looks like you actually intend to use addpath(pwd).
Jan on 30 Dec 2021
@Rik: The complete code of pwd is: wd=cd . So if pwd is working, cd should be working also.
Rik on 30 Dec 2021
Well, I guess you learn something every day. Thank you Stephen and Jan.
I'll leave my answer up for documentary purposes.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Dec 2021
The current directory is automatically on the path so perhaps it just throws an error because it does not need to be added via addpath(), though it could probably have chosen a more descriptive error message if that were the case.


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