eProsima Shapes Demo can't receive messages from Simulink generated Data Writer

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I'm trying DDS Blockset Shapes Demo - MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com) together with eProsima Shapes Demo, and I discovered that the eProsima Shapes Demo can't receive messages from the Simulink generated DDS Data Writer. To reproduce this unexpectedness, try the following reproduction steps:
  1. open the DDS Blockset Shapes Demo - MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com) example.
  2. build the executable by sending Ctrl+B to shapesdemo.slx, and run the generated shapesdemo.exe
  3. open eProsima Shapes Demo and add one Square Publisher and one Circle Subscriber:
  4. see there's no Circle displayed on the eProsima Shapes Demo canvas, which is unexpected.
  5. to inspect the problem, add printing functions to DDS Data Reader & Data Writer in Simulink as shown in the attached ShapesDemoWithConsolePrinting.slx
  6. generate executable from ShapesDemoWithConsolePrinting.slx and run the corresponding ShapesDemoWithConsolePrinting.exe. See that the Simulink generated program can both receive and send the Square/Circle DDS message, despite the fact that eProsima Shapes Demo is not displaying what Simulink sends in step 4.
Is this unexpectedness a bug? How to work around the problem?

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Answers (2)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 31 Jan 2022
In R2021b on a Windows computer, the generated .exe from the attached mdoel works with RTI ShapesDemo on my computer. This model uses eProsima DDS. In order to use this example, rename untitled_sldd.m to untitled.sldd.
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Yingao Zhang
Yingao Zhang on 2 Feb 2022
Dear Mark, thanks for your attached example. I tried your model, but still can't get RTI ShapesDemo work as expected to receive the Circle message from your Simulink model. I tried both "Shape" DataType and "Shape Extended" DataType provide by RTI. Simulink can receive Square message from both DataTypes, but ShapesDemo can receive none from Simulink. Could you please kindly give me a screenshot showing your RTI ShapesDemo DataReader & DataWriter settings?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 29 Jan 2022
This looks like a problem with the eProsima ShapesDemo. You should contact eProsima.
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Yingao Zhang
Yingao Zhang on 29 Jan 2022
Hi, Mark, I tried RTI Shapesdemo also. However, neither eProsima nor RTI could hear from MATLAB. Do you know any other Shapesdemo vendor that I can try?

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