How can I control the timing of playing a sound?

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I'm trying to play a sound (clip is 10 seconds) for 5 seconds. How can I stop the sound after 5 seconds? I also want to play this sound file at 75 decibels. I know the function...
soundsc(y,[-.75 .75]);
How does this relate to decibels?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Nov 2014
If you have a sound clip of length(y) = n, create y2 = y(1:fix(n/2),:) assuming y is a (nx2) array, then soundsc(y2) will play it for half the time y would play.
The intensity of the sound in dB is not determined by the sound functions in MATLAB but rather by the amplifier characteristics that output it to the whatever transducer you choose to use (speaker, headphones, etc.). You need to calibrate your sound system to determine and set the sound intensity.

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