How can I get a conditionally-executed Rte write call in the generated code with AUTOSAR?

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I am currently trying to write conditionally to the Rte for my AUTOSAR model, and I am not sure what are the mechanisms to do this is Simulink. 
Sometimes I obtain results as follows, in which the value is specified inside of the if-else logic, but the Rte write is not executed conditionally (this happens for both implicit and explicit DataAccessMode, ie. both Rte_Write() and Rte_IWrite()): 
if ((tmp == 1) {\n\n rtDW.Value = 1U;\n\n} else {\n\n rtDW.Value = 1U;\n\n}\n\nRte_IWrite_Runnable_10ms (rtDW.Value);\n}
How can I get the Rte call inside of the if-else clause?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Jan 2022
BLOT: It is not currently possible to generate conditional Rte write calls based on conditions in a Stateflow chart. There are available semantics in Simulink (eg. If-else blocks) that support conditional writes. 
  • When using If-else blocks for the semantics of the model, the Rte write can be generated inside the condition.
    • In order to achieve this, all the outports up to the root-level have to be marked as virtual
  • When using a Stateflow chart to set the condition in the model, there is a limitation to obtain the Rte write call conditionally. 
    • In this case, even setting the outports as virtual will not generate the call inside of the condition. 

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