Mobile Robotics Simulation Toolbox: How to create different waypoints for each robots in multirobot simulation?

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Hello, I'm currently learning to use mobile robotics simulation toolbox and am wondering if it's possible to program each robot to follow their own respective waypoints in the simulation with the multirobot visualizer?
I tried to make a program where I combine mrsDiffDrivePathFollowing.m and mrsMultiRobotLidar.m so that each robot can follow their own waypoints in the simulation. Currently, I'm not sure what to do to connect each respective waypoints to the multirobot environment block.
I've included a screenshot to show my current progress but don't know how to proceed from here.
I've seen that it's possible for the multi-robot environment block to accept waypoints in its block parameter, but how should the waypoints of respective robots be arranged before connected to the multi-robot environment block?

Answers (1)

Jose Avendano Arbelaez
Jose Avendano Arbelaez on 20 Jan 2022
To pass more than one set of waypoints you can use the concatenate block to join signals with several sets of waypoints (See image, From and GoTo tags might also help keep the model clean if needed).
Currently the Multi-Robot Environment block does not have distinction for different waypoints. If you would be interested in changing the properties of the individual waypoint markers, you can find the source file "MultiRobotEnv.m" (Lines 216 and 277) and make modifications to the block source to change graphics properties.




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