how to solve system of 2 differential equation with boundaries

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Mallikarjuna M
Mallikarjuna M on 21 Jan 2022
Reopened: Mallikarjuna M on 9 Feb 2022
with boundary conditions
a(1)=1 and b(1)=1
a'(0)=0 and b(0)=0
please helpa me to solve the equation numerically

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 21 Jan 2022
Rewrite your equations as a system of first-order ODEs
dy(1) = y(2);
dy(2) = 9*phi_A^2*y(1)/(1+y(1)+y(2));
dy(3) = y(4);
dy(4) = 9*phi_B^2*y(2)/(1+y(1)+y(2));
with a=y(1), a'=y(2),b=y(3),b'=y(4)
and use bvp4c to solve.

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