Display numerical output with sprintf?

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I am creating a Psychtoolbox script where a subject completes button presses. The number of button presses he or she completes is defined as "numPresses". Later, I want to display that number (from earlier in the script). I think I use sprintf, but am not sure how to do it correctly. Below is my attempt. Thanks!
Screen(window, 'Flip');
Screen(window, disp(sprintf('You completed %d key presses, numPresses.')), ceil(resX/2)-60, ceil(resY/2), 255);
Screen(window, 'Flip');
I have tried it with both "disp" and as "Screen(window, 'DrawText',sprintf...). The error I get is below...Error using disp Too many output arguments.
Error in effrtattempt (line 190)
Screen(window, disp(sprintf('You completed %d key presses, goalReachedCount.')), ceil(resX/2)-60, ceil(resY/2),

Accepted Answer

Thorsten on 19 Nov 2014
text = sprintf('You completed %d key presses.', numPresses);
Screen(window, 'DrawText', text, ceil(resX/2)-60, ceil(resY/2), 255);

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