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1. How to do non-linear curve fitting.I went through the fitdemo, but for my dataset the value of lambda was not what i was expecting.

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SUMEET on 19 Nov 2014
Edited: Matt J on 19 Nov 2014
y=[0 7.9060 7.9311 7.9396 7.9425 7.9405 7.9405 7.9405 7.9405 7.9405 7.9405];
The plot came as per expectation ,but after fitting using the estimated value of lambda the curve became quite unusual.Please help me to find the correct fit for the above data set. Actually by fitting the curve i want to find its curvature.

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Matt J
Matt J on 19 Nov 2014
You'll need to show us what you did, and the results. How else do we know that you don't simply have the wrong expectations?

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