I am confused about my code, can you guys please help me to tell me what SVM did I use?

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i'm looking for code, then I changed it a little bit, and now i'm confused about multi class SVM. Can you guys tell me my code is one vs one or one vs all multi class svm? thank you in advance...
TrainingSet = Xtrain;
TestingSet = Xtest;
GroupTraining = Ytrain;
GroupTesting = Ytest;
% t = templateSVM('KernelFunction','gaussian');
% t = templateSVM('KernelFunction','linear');
%t = templateSVM('KernelFunction','polynomial');
train = fitcecoc(TrainingSet,GroupTraining, 'Learners', t);
classification = predict(train, TestSet);
confusionchart(GroupTesting', classification')
ConfusionMatrix = confusionmat(GroupTesting', classification')

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Jan 2022
One vs One when you use fitcecoc

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