How to extract column data of text from a csv file in vectors

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Katerina F
Katerina F on 24 Nov 2014
Commented: per isakson on 24 Nov 2014
Hello, I have csv files, here the data are similar to the extract of a file attached as an example. I want to extract the data of some of the columns with text, say column 2 in vectors
For the numbers I use, for example and it works:
DT= C{3}(2:end);
ob_hour_count = str2double(C{4}(2:end));
it does not work for text though, it gives me NaN. How can I extract the text? Note that the text is not the same word along the column as it is in the example.
thanks, Katerina
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per isakson
per isakson on 24 Nov 2014
" file attached as an example" &nbsp is missing. Both [Choose file] and [Attach File] are required

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