How to send by HTTP method (POST) many values to one field with diferent timestamps?

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I need to send the one POST (by arduino) a day from solar device.I think I have bad syntax.Can you help me to correct it?
Write twice in the field1, but different values and different times ...

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Vinod on 8 Feb 2022
I think you are looking to collect a bunch of data and upload a number of points in a single POST request. Take a look at this documentation:
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 8 Feb 2022
You cannot write to the same channel for two different times in the same post unless you use the bulk endpoint that Vinod suggested. Your arduino can handle a bulk update via HTTP POST, it does not need to be one line for a browser. See this example. You can use an app like POSTMAN to test the syntax.
If you want to have two values simultaneously, why not put the second value in another channel? Or you could put it in field 2 of the same channel and use field 3 for the timestamp, and then create a custom MATLAB visualization to display that data.

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