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How to write the MATLAB code for generating such figure?

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Atsushi Ueno
Atsushi Ueno on 13 Feb 2022
x = 1:100;
y = rand(size(x)) * 300 + 9200;
y2 = y;
for i = 2:size(x,2)
y2(i) = min(y2(i-1),y(i));
xlabel('Run number');
ylabel('Total cost');
hold on
hold off
legend('Solutions','Best solution');
ylim([9100 9700]);
Assen Beshr
Assen Beshr on 17 Feb 2022
thank you Atsushi ueno ,you answer was exact what I want. thanks again lot.

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Answers (1)

Riya on 5 Feb 2024
Hi Assen
Below is the MATLAB code for generating the figure as described. The code generates random y-values to simulate total cost, then finds the minimum cost up to the current point for each run number, and plots both the solutions and the best solution up to that point.
x = 1:100; % Run numbers
y = rand(size(x)) * 300 + 9200; % Simulate random total costs
y2 = y; % Initialize best solution array
% Loop through to find the best solution up to the current run
for i = 2:size(x,2)
y2(i) = min(y2(i-1),y(i));
% Scatter plot for solutions
xlabel('Run number'); % Label for x-axis
ylabel('Total cost'); % Label for y-axis
hold on % Hold on to add another plot to the figure
% Line plot for the best solution
hold off % Release the hold to finish plotting
% Add legend
legend('Solutions','Best solution');
% Set y-axis limits
ylim([9100 9700]);
When you run this code in MATLAB, it will generate a scatter plot of the solutions and a line plot that tracks the best solution found up to each run number. The y-axis is limited to the range [9100, 9700] as specified.
For more information about ‘legend’ function refer the document below:


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