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Overexcitation limiter of excitation system model in Simulink

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Dear colleagues,
I want to model the overexcitation limiter (OXL) part for the synchronous generator. I found this model in MATLAB:
DC excitation model
AC excitation model
As well as, a good example using the DC excitation model. Thanks to MATLAB :D
Both of them work well to control the voltage. Now, I want to set a limit time (fixed delay or reverse of current level) to protect the OXL from overloading. This means the output voltage of excitation should be reduced after some time. Do you know how to do it?
Thank you for your help.

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Sabin on 21 Dec 2022
In Simscape Electrical we have implementations of most C versions of Automatic Voltage Regulators from IEEE Recommended Practice for Excitation System Models for Power Systems Stability Studies - IEEE Std 421.5™-2016. The version C has overexcitation protection included. Please look in the SM Control sub-library in Simscape Electrical.
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Foo on 10 Jan 2024
Hi there,
I am trying to find something similar in the library for a standard Overexication limiter (OEL), namely OEL3C as per IEEE Std 421.5-2016.
Is there a standard model available for the limiter mentioned above?
I understand from the response above, that "the version C has overexcitation protection included" but the external signal could still come from a separate OEL field current limiter model.
Thank you. Cheers.

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