Simulink: programmatically find all blocks of a certain kind

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I would like to programmatically monitor the usage of certain kinds of blocks, in order to be warned if they are being used.
What i imagine is being able to do something like this (using pseudocode):
num_unwanted_elements = 0;
for el in Simulink.model_elements:
if el.type == "Unwanted_element":
Can i do that? If so, how?

Answers (2)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 24 Feb 2022

Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta on 1 Sep 2022
It is my understanding that you want to programmatically find all blocks of a certain kind.
The blocks of a certain kind can be found using findBlocksOfType method of Simulink.
For example - if the model name is "myModel", and you want to find all blocks of type "constant", you can use this method as
Simulink.findBlocksOfType("myModel", "constant");
It will return handles to all the blocks of "constant" type.
You can also refer the documentation in the following link -
I hope it helps.


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