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find the absolute path of a package

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Daniel on 3 Dec 2014
Commented: Daniel on 3 Dec 2014
is there an obvious way to find out the absolute path of a package? I mean, if I define a package directory some where in my file system, say,
mkdir <mypath>/+myPackage
and the add its location to the path
addpath <mypath>
then myPackage is active and I can invoke functions from there. But how can I ask the system where this package resides? I mean
which myPackage
does not work. I could make a which to a function inside the myPackage, yes, but I have hundreds of packages, and packages inside packages, and they don't contain the same functions.
any idea? Daniel

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 3 Dec 2014
Edited: Guillaume on 3 Dec 2014
It's the what function you want:
s = what('event'); %there may be several packages with the same name. s may be an array of structs
You can also get a lot of information from the meta.package classes (but not the path unfortunately):
mpack = meta.package.fromName('event')
allpackages = meta.package.getAllPackages
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Daniel on 3 Dec 2014
exactly! Thanks, Guillaume! The output is a little confusing (I get an arrays of structs, one for the absolute path of the package and one for the relative path!), but I'm closer to goal now. This objects are really useful, and I keep forgetting they exist!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Dec 2014
If you know the name of one of the m-files in the package, then you can do this:
% Determine folder where someFunction.m lives.
folder = fileparts(which('someFunction.m'));
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Daniel on 3 Dec 2014
The problem is that I have lots of packages, and cannot predict in advance the name of a function garanteed to be inside a given package.

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