Can I delete the folder C:\MATLAB\​SupportPac​kages\R201​6a\downloa​ds?

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I have installed several Suppoer Packages before, but my C drive is almost full.
I found several large files, such as NIDAQ1450f0.exe of >1GB, inside the folder C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2016a\downloads\
  1. directsoundaudio_download
  2. mingw_download
  3. nidaqmx_download
  4. opencvinterface_download
  5. osgenericvideointerface_download
  6. usbwebcams_download
  7. arduino_download
  8. arduinoio_download
  9. dcamhardware_download
Can I delete thoes folders without affecting the installed Suppoer Packages?
Jan on 19 Feb 2022
Some general off-topic hints, when the C disk is full: Did you run the Disk Cleanup for the admins files already? The Windows Update Cleanup can remove many GB. Check the sizes of files in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS : If the CBS log file is too large to be compressed, a message is written to the CBS log file, which grows and gets too large to be compressed, and so on.

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