link to a m-file from Simulink model

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cyberdyne on 23 Sep 2011
Commented: Faisal Ahmed on 6 Sep 2017
How can I place a box with the link to a m-file into a Simulink model like those of S-function examples ?
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed on 6 Sep 2017
Hello can you please tell me how can i run .m file when i double clicl a simulink model.

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Answers (1)

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 26 Sep 2011
I think the links in the S-function demos are basically empty subsystems with the OpenFcn block callback defined so as to open the corresponding MATLAB file. You can drag a Subsystem block, delete its contents so the input/output ports disappear. Then right-click on the block, select "Block Properties" and under the Callbacks->OpenFcn pane, enter "edit mymatlabfile.m". This should do the trick.
The other technique as Alessandro mentioned is to create an annotation and define it's ClickFcn as "edit mymatlabfile.m".
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cyberdyne on 29 Sep 2011
Thanks for reply,
I thought 'annotation properties' setting was the easiest method.
I'll try with OpenFnc.

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