Identical SQL query produces different result on two PCs

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Hey MathWorks Community!
I have a Matlab script which I cant share in exact detail with you in detail due to confidentiality, but it is basically just an SQL query, with no filters.
I have recently gotten a new work PC. I still have the old one, but will have to give it back shortly. I have made sure they are parrallel - MATLAB 2020b are installed on both, Database Toolbox 10.0 are included on both, and the data sources are configured in the same way on both.
Running the code on my old PC produces the result I expect, I get data out just fine, from 2018 through to today.
However, running the exact same code (and I know it's the same code since its on a network drive) on the new PC and a lot of the data is missing. I get identical data from 2018-June 2020, but all data from June 2020 through to today, which are correctly returned on the old PC, is simply just missing on the new PC.
Has anyone experienced something like this before? I am completely at a loss here... Same code, different results.

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