Tolerance use in verifyEqual for unit tests

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Hello, I am having a problem when defining a tolerance to be checked while using the verifyEqual function for a unit test. My code has a line that's similar to the following:
verifyEqual(testCase, 0.3589, 0.3588, "AbsTol", 0.0001)
The condition doesn't seem to go throguh, in fact, the code stops there with an error message. Can anyone help with this?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Mar 2022
testCase = matlab.unittest.TestCase.forInteractiveUse;
verifyEqual(testCase, 0.3589, 0.3588, "AbsTol", 0.0001)
Verification passed.
Can you show us the full and exact text of the error and/or failure message you're seeing? Can you also tell us which release of MATLAB you're using?
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Mohamed AKI Ahmed
Mohamed AKI Ahmed on 8 Mar 2022
I found a mistake with the syntax but now it is solved. Thank you for your quick reply

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