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How to disable current line selection by triple click in editor(R2021b)?

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Migrating from R2016a to R2021b, found a problem.
Variable selection by double click is used frequently.
For instance, codes below may be double clicked at Var1 at line1, and then(no pause) double clicked at Var2 at line2.
The expected behavior is Var1 highlighted first, then Var2 highlighted.
Works fine in R2016a, but in R2021b, Var1 highlighted first, and than the whole line2 is seleted, I think the triple click is somehow triggered.
The misselecting is so annoying. Is this a bug somehow?

Answers (1)

Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai on 15 Mar 2022
This issue has been resolved in R2022a. Would you upgrade and then try again?
XGQ on 15 Mar 2022
Will there be a update for R2021b later?
My company just purchase R2021b last winter, I don't see I could upgrade to R2022a in the near future.
Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai on 15 Mar 2022
Please feel free to create a service request for this issue:

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