Extract data from figure files not working in 2017a

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I was able to extract data from .fig files until last week using the Figure Property editor and various solutions given on this platform. Today the code I was using doesn't work any more. I've tried many ways and solutions given. Also, looks like the data is not copy-able any more from the Line Property Editor. Has there been some update which disables data access?
Please help!

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Elif Ozkan
Elif Ozkan on 22 Mar 2022
If i understood correctly, you have .fig files and want to have x and y axis data on your workspace. If you don't try the below code, I suggest.
fig = gcf;
axObjs = fig.Graph
dataObjs = axObjs.Graph
x = dataObjs(1).XData % x axis data
y = dataObjs(1).YData % y axis data
SUHANYA M S on 23 Mar 2022
Please note : The figure was obtained from Simulink block of Wind Turbine.

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