Collision in rigidbodytree with external collision box

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I am new to matlab and studying robotics in matlab.
I used a rigidbodytree to create a three link robot.
I created 2 external collision box.
Using inverse kinematics i calculated the start and end configurations.
Then i created a trajecotry for the movement.
However how do i check for collision between the arm movements and collision body.
I am using collision cylinder but it creates the cylinder only for the joint.
Is there anyway to build a collision mesh across the lenght of the link or body, and then check collision ?
(In my problem, the link body hits the external collision box while the joints seems to be collision free)
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Karsh Tharyani
Karsh Tharyani on 4 Apr 2022
Hi Anup,
  • To help you get started with collision geometries on the rigid body tree (adding collisions to a rigid body on the rigid body tree, or checking self-collisions and collisions with the environment), please refer to the following example
I hope this helps.

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