I hope to show that aliasing occurs for more than one sinusoid

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I want to show that aliasing occurs for more than one sinusoid, such as sample like this
x(t) = 3*cos(2*pi*300*t+pi/3) + 8*cos(2*pi*800*t-pi/5) at fs=500Hz
% fs means sample frequency
truly thnx for kindness

Accepted Answer

Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 31 Mar 2022
Perhaps you are looking for something like this?
t = 0:1/500:0.02;
x = 3*cos(2*pi*300*t+pi/3) + 8*cos(2*pi*800*t-pi/5);
t = 0:1/50000:0.02;
x = 3*cos(2*pi*300*t+pi/3) + 8*cos(2*pi*800*t-pi/5);
hold on
legend('sampled at 500 Hz - aliasing', 'sampled at 50 KHz')
title 'Sum of two sinusoids at 300 and 800 Hz'
grid on

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