Graph smoothing not working properly

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When trying to smooth the graph at the end, some kind of error occurs in its construction.
%a=(1+rand(1,size(x,2))).*10^-5; % this code makes my values ​​unique
yy1 = smooth(x,y,0.1,'loess'); % with a value of 0.1 I like the beginning of the graph
plot(x,y,'b.',x,yy1,'r-') % when using "rloess" same error
Thank you in advance.
Lev Mihailov
Lev Mihailov on 1 Apr 2022
@Matt J at the end of the file, the red line is not built correctly

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Accepted Answer

MJFcoNaN on 3 Apr 2022
"x" is not monotonous, therefore, you should use this kind of form:
yy1 = smooth(y,0.1,'loess');

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