How to use MATLab and NI-DAQmx Tools to produce live plots

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Derik on 27 Sep 2011
So i am looking to use the NI-DAQmx Tools box along side a NI-6009 DAQ in MATLab to create live plots. The problem I am having is that i cant find anyway to stitch together the results of the AcqNUpdates function in order to update a plot to represent live feedback. I tried just running the function twice with small pause between and just grabbing last value of second function and appending it to the end of first function but very difficult to to time and seems inaccurate. Note that this is going to be done at very low frequencies.
Any one have a suggestion?

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Rob Purser
Rob Purser on 29 Sep 2011
Visit the demos and examples page for the Data Acquisition Toolbox. See the demo "Continuous Background Acquisition"
That should get you started. -Rob

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