Use strcmp() based on part of the row name in structure

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Hi everyone,
I have a structure (DATA) with 3 fields (name, folder, data (tables)). There are many rows with names (field name) in a pattern as follows :
I want to make a new structure that keeps only the rows with 'XXX_XXX_Fire.txt', no matter what is before.
I have tried this :
FIRE = DATA(strcmp({}, '%s_%s_Fire.txt'))
which obviously doesn't work.
However, it works like this :
FIRE = DATA(strcmp({}, 'London_SecondVariable_Fire.txt'))
but this way I only get this one row, and I would rather not have to write each name in separate lines but something to get all the rows with a name containing Fire.txt
Any idea ?
Thanks for your help :)

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Stephen23 on 7 Apr 2022

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