Issues of extracting instantaneous symmetrical components

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I want to extract 3 phase instantaneous symmetrical components, specifically, positive sequence time domain value of 3 phase. I'm using Symmetrical-Components Transform voltage. With this I can get positive, negative and zero phasors of phase A, expressed in complex number. And with the provided formula in Symmetrical-Components Transform, I'm able to get the positive phasors of phase B and C, expressed in complex number as well. The real part of the complex numbes should be the time domain value, and technically the positive sequence of 3 phase should be symmetrical components of which the angle between any 2 of them is 120°, but after I did all these manipulaitons to a unbalanced 3 phase current. The result doesn't look like they're balanced, but the 3 phase look like they're minimized from the original unbalanced components by a common factor. Is there any step I did wrong?

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Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong on 11 Apr 2022
I think I found the issue. The input to th symmetrical-components transform should be complex value, but what I input is the time domain value, which is the real part of the complex value. It's a stupid mistake.

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