how to find lines and update values in an XML file and then export the updated XML file?

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shron ikims
shron ikims on 11 Apr 2022
Answered: Benjamin Thompson on 11 Apr 2022
I have an XML file(attached here as text file , but I'll be using an XML file in MATLAB) and in this file I want to find the following lines:
<Ptr Name="DG.GSA[0]" Value="5"/>
<Ptr Name="DG.RIT[0]" Value="9"/>
<Ptr Name="P.M[4]" Value="X=62,Y=24"/>
and update it as (bold are the updated values)
<Ptr Name="DG.GSA[0]" Value="7"/>
<Ptr Name="DG.RIT[0]" Value="6"/>
<Ptr Name="P.M[4]" Value="X=45,Y=20"/>
after the updating is done I want to export the new XML file as Ptr.valout

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 11 Apr 2022
The easiest thing (other than just your own text editor), is xml2struct and struct2xml from Wouter Falkena from the File Exchange:
Your example is missing a square bracket on line 7 but that should not interfere with XML parsing. For more complicated XML problems use the MATLAB XML Parser MAXP. See the article "Import an XML File into a Document Object Model" in the help documentation.
>> S = xml2struct('Ptr.val.txt')
S =
struct with fields:
PtrVal: [1×1 struct]
>> S
S =
struct with fields:
PtrVal: [1×1 struct]
>> S.PtrVal
ans =
struct with fields:
Ptr: [1×1 struct]
Attributes: [1×1 struct]
>> S.PtrVal.Ptr
ans =
struct with fields:
Ptr: {1×19 cell}
>> S.PtrVal.Ptr{1}
Brace indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
>> S.PtrVal.Ptr.Ptr{1}
ans =
struct with fields:
Text: [1×0 char]
Attributes: [1×1 struct]
>> S.PtrVal.Ptr.Ptr{1}.Attributes
ans =
struct with fields:
Name: 'DG.RO[0]'
Value: 'Default'




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