Can you progamatically call simulink snapshot in a real-time speedgoat application utilizing a GUI?

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I am trying to access a scope block utilizng a GUI to control scope parameters in a real-time speedgoat application. I want to access a toggle button, which when pressed will cause a simulink snapshot to occur on the scope, thus pausing the scope while the program continues to stream data in real time. A small piece of pseudo code of what I would want to do is below:
function FreezeButtonSelectionChanged(app, event)
selectedButton = app.FreezeButton.SelectedObject;
scopeConfig = get_param([mdl, '/BPScope'], 'ScopeConfiguration');
scopeConfig.simulinkSnapshot = 'True';
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Accepted Answer

Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 19 Apr 2022
Hi Todd,
I think the easiest way would be to work with Simulink Real-Time instrument objects instead of Simulink Scopes. The instrument objects allow to stream data directly to your app (for example, to a UI axis), in which you can selectively enable/disable live streaming, thus giving you the same "freeze frame" functionality.
You can find examples of GUI designs for Simulink Real-Time here.

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