LAUNCHXL-F28379D: Need information regarding Digital DC/DC Buck Converter Using Peak Current Mode Control

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Dear Team,
While trying to open the below model (Digital DC/DC Buck Converter Using Peak Current Mode Control) and trying to deploy in LAUNCHXL-F28379D getting the below error from CLA Block.
link: openExample('texasinstrumentsc2000/PeakCurrentModeControlExample')
"C:/Users/Pratyay/Documents/MATLAB/Examples/R2021a/texasinstrumentsc2000/PeakCurrentModeControlExample/DCDC_Buck_PCMC_matlab_ert_rtw/cla_task.cla", line 41: error: identifier "DCDC_Buck_PCMC_matlab_P" is undefined 1 error detected in the compilation of "C:/Users/Pratyay/Documents/MATLAB/Examples/R2021a/texasinstrumentsc2000/PeakCurrentModeControlExample/DCDC_Buck_PCMC_matlab_ert_rtw/cla_task.cla". >> Compilation failure
Please provide if there any solution for this.

Answers (1)

Yash on 7 Jul 2022
Hi Pratyay,
As per my knowledge f28379D Launchpad is used for voltage-mode control. If you want to implement peak current-mode control then Simulink has f280049C Launchpad for the sole purpose of operating DCDC Buck in PCMC mode. To open it go to MATLAB command window and enter f280049C_DCDC_Buck_PCMC. Currently in R2022a it supports code-gen variant but it will serve your purpose.




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