Dose matlab support auto-calibration ?

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I want to take 2 images for the same object from different angles, then detecting the common points in both images and perform the calibration. I noticed that matlab support calibration only when the image contains a checkboard. Dose matlab have an examples or library that support auto-calibration ? if I have to use a refrence object can I use anything else rather than the checkboard ?!

Accepted Answer

Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 13 Jan 2015
I am not sure if this qualifies as auto-calibration, but you can estimate the fundamental matrix from two images by matching points using the estimateFundamentalMatrix function. See the Uncalibrated Stereo Rectification example.
You can also calibrate without a checkerboard, but you would have to do that programmaticaly, rather than by using the app. The estimateCameraParameters function takes image points and the corresponding world points. These points can come from any planar reference object, so you can use circles or any other calibration pattern. This also means that you would have to provide your own code for detecting this pattern in the images.

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