How can I obtain an array of the xy coordinates for a curve in a picture?

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Grigorios Chatziandreou
Grigorios Chatziandreou on 26 Apr 2022
Answered: Jason Shrand on 26 Apr 2022
hello, I have a picture and would like to extract information. Specifically, I want to use the Finite Element Analysis Tool (app extension) to model flow around a car. On my ipad, I have drawn a simple 2D side layout (a closed curve) and would like to gain somehow the coordinates for each point (with a small spacestep). Could you please help?

Answers (1)

Jason Shrand
Jason Shrand on 26 Apr 2022
If you have a picture, you can load it as a [width X height X 3] RGB image that you can then manipulate, using the "imread" function.
From there you could use the Computer Vision Toolbox to do feature detection. Specifically, I think imcontour might be useful.

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