Generate new file w/ each iteration of for loop. Problem of same output in each new file?

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I'm trying to design a for loop that takes 100 random rows from a sample data set, and saves that into a new output file, one hundred times. I can get all of the output files, but each file contains the same row values. I'm not sure where the problem is?
Here's my code:
thissample = xlsread('~/Documents/mdd_with_anx.xls');
sampSets = 1;
randSampNum = 1;
for sampSets = 1:100;
N = 100;
for randSampNum = 1:100
filename = ['randSamp' num2str(randSamp) '.csv'];
randSampNum = randSampNum + 1;
sampSets = sampSets + 1;
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Ced on 20 Jan 2015
Edited: Ced on 20 Jan 2015
Where do you assign a value to randSamp? Also, you probably meant to write
filename = ['randSamp' num2str(randSampNum) '.csv'];
On a sidenote, the initialization of sampSets = 1 and randSampNum = 1 is not necessary. What you are essentially doing is first initialize it as a scalar (1), and then re-define it as a vector in the for loop (e.g. sampSets = 1:100)
Also, sampSets = sampSets + 1 is not necessary, same for randSampNum = randSampNum + 1.
A simple for loop looks like this:
for i = 1:10
sprintf('This is iteration: %i \n',i)
This would return
This is iterations: 1
This is iterations: 2
This is iterations: 3
This is iterations: 4
This is iterations: 5
This is iterations: 6
This is iterations: 7
This is iterations: 8
This is iterations: 9
This is iterations: 10

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Answers (1)

Voss on 13 Jan 2022
thissample = xlsread('~/Documents/mdd_with_anx.xls');
thissample_size = size(thissample,1);
N = 100;
if thissample_size < N
error('Unable to pick %d random rows: the input matrix only has %d rows',N,thissample_size);
for sampSets = 1:100
csvwrite(['randSamp' num2str(sampSets) '.csv'],thissample(randperm(thissample_size,N),:));


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