Considering data from two files with conditions

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I have two files with different sizes, in each file 4 columns are there
fisrt column is time
second column is tec in one file and roti in another file
third column is day of the year (1 to 365 days)
forth column is PRN number varies from 1 to 32
so in both the files only second column is the data that i want in a order. now i want data like for each prn (column4), in a day, if time is same in both file then take tec and roti, if not same then no need.
this is how i need the data
prn time doy tec roti
1 1 1 24 3.4
1 2 1 19 2.9
please help me..
thank you
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Apr 2022
D = days(doy) + hours(time)
TT = timetable(prn, tec, roti, 'rowtimes', D)
it might have to be hours(time-1)

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