Keyboard shortcuts are not mapped correctly to different language keyboard

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Anne-Laure Argentin
Anne-Laure Argentin on 30 Apr 2022
I have a US computer that is running Ubuntu, and a french keyboard. I put the input keyboard setting of Ubuntu to "french". When I type in some text in Matlab, everything works fine, but if I try to use the keyboard shortcuts, the shortcuts are not mapped to my AZERTY french keyboard, but to a QWERTY keyboard.
How can I help Matlab recognise my keyboard in the shortcuts?

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 1 May 2022
Use preferences options to adjust your keyborad shortcuts, e.g.:
>> preferences
follow: Preferences -> keyboard -> Shortcuts
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Anne-Laure Argentin
Anne-Laure Argentin on 1 May 2022
I could do that but that's more of a workaround. I often switch between english and french keyboards, I'd like to see if there is an automatic solution triggered by the choice of keyboard language in Ubuntu.

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