2 problems with xPC Target 4.4: 1) Builds/Runs 1st time, Errors on rebuild: out of physical memory, error: 14, Could not load model; corrupted file; 2) boots without recognizing any drive

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I have 2 problems, perhaps related.
I'm trying to get xPC Target 4.4 (Matlab 2010bSP1) to run. I'm using the Visual C++ 2008 Express and the Windows SDK v6.1 per the advice of Gordon Weast about half way down a forum help page (1). The host computer, if it matters, is 64-bit Win 7. Communication is through RS232.
The first time I build a model, or use xpcdemo, the model will build and run as expected. I can stop the model or let it complete its simulation time and then re-run it without problems. However, upon rebuild, even if the model did not change, I ALWAYS get an error on the target:
System: download started... System: download finished out of physical memory error: 14 Could not load model; corrupted file
The last three lines of text are in orange, if it matters.
I don't know what this mean and all searches have lead me nowhere. I don't understand why things were fine the first time through, but not the second. After this error, I am unable to connect to the target and must reboot the target, but this is not an acceptable option as my research involves changing the .mdl file often. I don't have time for frequent reboots.
This may (or may not) be related to an initial error that I get upon booting into xPC 4.4 from the boot CD that was created in xpcexplr in Matlab 2010bSP1. When I boot, I get:
---------------------------------------------------- * xPC Target 4.4, (c)1996-2011 The MathWorks, Inc. * ---------------------------------------------------- ERROR: No accessible disk found: file system disabled System: starting up with 1 CPU System: Host-Target Interface is RS232 (COM1/2)
The error message is in red.
This is perplexing to me because the computer has SATA drives in it and I thought SATA was supported in xPC 4.4. The error doesn't prevent building a model once and running it.
I don't know if these errors are related, but the one I care most about is the first error with the forced re-boot.
Thanks, Matthew
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Pranjal on 27 May 2015
Edited: Pranjal on 27 May 2015
Hello Mathew, did you find any work around for the first problem? I have been using MATLAB R2013b with sdk 7.1 and xpctarget 5.5. My communication is through TCP/IP. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Pranjal

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