Merging real and imaginary data in to one variable

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I am trying to merge 2 csv files with frequency response in to one as "freq, real data1, imag data1, real data2, imag data2 etc..." format. One file contains "freq, real data1, real data2, real data3, etc..." and other file contains "freq, Imag data1, Imag data2, Imag data3, etc..." format.
Since this is a stastical sim, each file have about 4096 columns and doing it by hand is time consuming. I am sure there should be easy way to write script and combine it.
Please provide guidance.
Harvijay Raj
Harvijay Raj on 4 May 2022
Yes, Frequency is same. Both Real data and Imag data are from same Sim so they are exactly same in first column. Its just they end up in different place which I can not control. Since they are from same simulaition, several days worth of sim from huge sim, i am reluctant to re-do whole analysis. I am looking for a way to arrange them in the format like "freq, real data1, imag data1, real data2, imag data2 etc..." with relatively easy scripting., Since I am not expert in scripting.
Your help is appreciated.

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Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 4 May 2022
R=readmatrix('yourData1.csv');%assuming the sizes are the same

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