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New Graphics troubles with GUIDE

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Thomas on 23 Jan 2015
I am having trouble updating a GUIDE built gui to work with 2014b. I have looked at the relevant answers and tried the apps suggested to help with updating (Graphics Updater and Missing Graphics Finder) but they do not help.
1. Dragging a control off and back on to a panel is not so easy when you can’t see it to drag it off in the first place.
2. I have controls on a panel, inside a bottom panel. The controls are invisible, and move-to-back appears to have no effect on the top panel. For all the talk about setting the parent property, it is not exposed in GUIDE.
3. Weird thing that happens. If I select a control in the object browser, then go to the GUIDE window and do move-to-front, then all the controls on its panel get drawn on top of the panel. But this doesn’t persist when I change to another panel.

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