Fail to list ros2 topics when ubuntu publish topics with same ros_domain_id and same subnet.

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Env: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM; ROS2-Foxy; Middle DDS Implementation: Fast/Cyclone; Topics published by px4_ros_com.
When i set ros_domain_id=0 both in ubuntu and matlab, it seems that matlab or ubuntu local could list topics with same id. However, when i set ros_domain_id to non-zero value, matlab or ubuntu local could only list topics with id=0. For example, i set ros_domain_id to 25 and pulish topics of px4_msgs, matlab and ubuntu local with ros_domain_id = 0 can list topics instead of ros_domain_id = 25.
景宇 刘
景宇 刘 on 9 May 2022
It's my own test. The example of px4 with ros2 in matlab, it tested before with ros_domain_id = 0, and worked fine, others id was same problem.

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Answers (1)

Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 10 Jan 2023
Hi Jingyu,
I hope you've found a solution to this issue. If not, please also feel free to also reach out to our techinical support team, and we can take a closer look.
For people who might face simimlar issue, as Cam pointed, you may also want to check the following to links to see if they can help resolving the issue or narrowing down the root cause:




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