Derivative of Bessel function at x=0.

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Hello everyone,
I would like to change the expression of derivative of besselj function, because embedded expression is leading some problems.
syms nu x
subs(d_y,x,0); % At this row i get "Division by zero." error, because derivative is defined as -nJ(n,x)/x - J(n-1,x) in MATLAB and it is undefined at x=0.
However, the answer is available with the following expression (mathematically):
-(besselj(n-1,x) - besselj(n+1,x))/2
Is there a way to use this expression?
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 May 2022
One option is to use the limit function, however tha does not always produce a numeric result.
I ususally cheat and use eps instead.
syms nu x
y(x) = besselj(nu,x);
d_y = diff(y,x)
d_y(x) = 
d_y0 = limit(d_y,x,0)
d_y0 = 
d_y0 = d_y(eps) % Cheat With 'eps'
d_y0 = 
d_y0 = vpa(d_y0)
d_y0 = 
Since ν is undefined, a double result is not possible.

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