How to to solve this issue ?i need guidance

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I have 22 list of materials and each materials will give..20 simulations..i have to create something thing ..if by chance simulation gets stopped in between ..i have to delete the present material results data where it has stopped and start from that particular material... Count=('count.csv') Count=1 for i= count:22
Lines of codes
If count< 22
dlmwrite('count.csv', count).% Updating the CSV sheet with which material it is getting simulated
Else at this point I am stuck ...what i should do ... so that if simulation gets stopped the results of present material is entirely deleted and from that particular material simulation has started all over again

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 May 2022
At each point that you are sure you will not need to remove anything more from the file, take a copy of the file. If you find a failure, copy the safe file back over the working file.
Rakesh Roshan
Rakesh Roshan on 31 May 2022
sir i didn't understand can u plz explain with a sample code
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 May 2022
"i have to delete the present material results data"
Keep two files. Write new data to one of them. At the point where you know you have success, copy that one to the other file. At any point you detect failure, copy the second file back over the first one.

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